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Overdrive Audio™ The Ultimate Producer Pack

Overdrive Audio™ The Ultimate Producer Pack

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Royalty Free : Every sound is 100% royalty free.

Compatible With : Every DAW, Genre And Style.

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  • What's included


    6 Libraries Included

  • Agressive Kicks

  • Platinum Kicks

  • Body Kicks

  • Clap Kicks

  • Distorted Kicks

  • Reversed Kicks

  • Claps

    4 Libraries

  • Smack Claps

  • Tight Claps

  • Platinum Claps

  • Build Claps

  • Cymbals

    3 Libraries

  • Open Hitats

  • Closed Hitats

  • Rides

  • Percussion

    4 Libraries

  • Snaps

  • Shakers

  • Percs

  • Toms

  • Snares

    3 Libraries

  • Aggressive Snares

  • Acoustic Snares

  • Tight Snares

  • FX

    2 Libraries

  • Alarms

  • Ambience

  • Music on your terms. A different kind of production.

    Everything you need all in one place. The key to unlocking production at its best, at your best.

  • Go with the Flow.

    Finish your tracks! Start every project with an extra level of certainty. With hundreds of different sounds broken down into fine-grained detail. Allow your ideas to flow.

  • Simply Drag & Drop.

    With a single drag and drop you now have the highest quality audio at your fingertips.

  • Producer’s Best Friend.

    Ready to be called upon throughout the mixing process, always at your side. Become a well and truly respected artist inside the music industry. Don’t just make a track. Create a masterpiece.